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15 Best AI Content Generator Softwares 2021 (Free & Paid)

Have you ever wondered whether you could automate your content creation and how AI could help you to generate content for your blog and services?    

To make your task easier, we have listed the best AI content generator softwares available on the market that will definitively help you to automate your content creation process.

15 Best AI Content Generator Softwares

Here are the Top-15 Best AI content generator softwares to consider in 2021.
#NameBest for
1Article ForgeTop Rated Content Generator
2ArticooloUsers on a budget
3KafkaiContent marketing
4Article BuilderSEO Link building
5SEO Content MachineSEO articles
6Copy SmithAI-Based Copywriter
7Zyro AI WriterFree Content Generator
8WritesonicAI Article Creator
9WordAIAutomatic Spinner
10TopicSEO Article Generator
11LinguixAI Writing Assistant
12AI-WriterAutomated web content
13GeneiKeywords analysis
14Atomic ReachContent rewriting
15FluentlyAI Text Editor

1) Article Forge (Best for content generation)

If you lack the time and budget to pay for an expensive content writer, this automated article writing software is a great alternative.

Type: Article Generator  
Best for: Online article writing  
Cost: Free trial / Paid plan 
Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish

Human quality content    
Fast processing
SEO integrations 
File sharing

Brief: Article Forge is one of the best AI content generator software. It uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technology to write high-quality content.

This popular content writing software can generate full articles on any topic. With a simple three-step process, you can have readable and unique material within a minute or less. And since it’s an SEO-inclined program, it’s the most ideal solution for budding website owners who need to fill their pages with quality content.

What Does Article Forge Offer?

SEO AutoPilot: Article Forge creates content for SEO AutoPilot automatically to create valuable backlinks on your blog. It focuses on finding high authority Websites to help make sure each piece of content provides the maximum ranking power possible.

WordAi is an AI-powered tool that can paraphrase any content. You can use Article Forge to import high-quality SEO content for WordAi to automatically rewrite. This allows you to take one Article Forge article and create hundreds or thousands of unique variations.

CyberSEO is an easy to use content curation plugin which helps you tp post content to your WordPress sites. You can automatically keep your WordPress blogs and pages up to date with fresh, high quality content.

RankerX is a cloud-based link building service that directly import Article Forge content to create backlinks on RankerX’s huge database of SEO optimized sites. RankerX also includes a free indexer to make sure your backlinks are indexed and recognized by Google.

GSA Search Engine Ranker specializes in building links for SEO purposes by automatically finding new sites to post SEO content.

SEnuke helps you to automatically build SEO backlinks to improve your websites’ rankings. It offers a powerful macro option that allows you to post links anywhere without writing any code.

Article Forge Pricing

Article Forge offers a single package. The only option you have is to pay for this AI article writer monthly or annually. You can try it for free within 5 days, and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Monthly Plan – $57/month.

Yearly Plan – $27/month.

The annual subscription is clearly a much cheaper option, but all features are practically the same regardless of plan type. They include automated content writing, 60-second turnaround, and SEO automation with the integrations mentioned.

2) Articoolo (Best for users on a budget)

If you have a story to tell but don’t know how to, Articoolo will write it for you from scratch or come up with a new output from existing content.

Type: Article Generator   
Best for: Users on a budget
Cost: Free trial / Paid plan 
Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, and German 

Zero duplications  
Easy to use
Quick turnaround

Brief: Articoolo uses a Natural Learning Processing (NLP) engine to create unique content from scratch, simulating a human writer. Simple and easy-to-use, this tool will complete your work in simple steps. All you need to do is to choose the topic and length or insert existing content, and the algorithm will create or rewrite your textual content.

What Does Articoolo Offer?

High-quality content generator: You can use the Articoolo to create from scratch or rewrite your article to generate high-quality content for your WordPress blog and site. Moreover, it provides summarize article, generate title, and writer’s helper tools in one platform.  

API: Articoolo has an API that you can integrate into your site and application. It ensures that created content will not only be accurate but also unique.

WordPress plugin: Articoolo WordPress plugin helps you tp make your textual content creation process quicker, cost efficient, and much more pleasant.

Articoolo Pricing

It’s not a free writing assistant, but you have a lot of options here. You can go for a pay-per-use scheme or a monthly subscription. 

The pay-per-use scheme gives you anywhere between 10-100 articles, which costs around $19 to $99.

As for the monthly packages, here are your options: 

30 articles – $29/month

100 articles – $49/month

250 articles – $99/month

Clearly, paying for a monthly plan is cheaper by a few bucks. However, if you won’t be using this on a regular basis, then the per-article payment option should be a better choice.

Since it has a 500-word cap, I would recommend this software as an AI essay writer or blog post generator.

3) Kafkai (Best for content marketing)

If you just launched your new website and lack the time and budget to work with a freelance writer this blog content generator will spin articles to give you a new-and-improved usable copy.

Type: Article Generator    
Best for: Content marketing
Cost: Free trial / Paid plan  
Languages: English, German, and Spanish

Various niche articles  
Great templates
Content seeding 
WordPress integration

Brief: Kafkai is a machine-learning algorithm that can generate up to 900 words from scratch in a few clicks. It has three modes in which the first two modes use a trained model to write an article and the third one is a general article writer which is not trained and used to write general content.

What Does Kafkai Offer?

Unique content: Kafkai content is generated by a computer algorithm from scratch, and there is no scraping, spinning, or anything similar involved.

Human quality content: Kafkai works as a human writer. By reading the last 100 words the algorithm continues writing from that. To start seeding the algorithm you can do a quick Google search about your topic, find a good article, and use the first paragraph from that article which is usually an intro into the topic.

Niche finder: If you don’t have any topics in your mind, you can use Niche Article Rewriter which gives a wide range of niches to choose from.

WordPress plugin: Kafkai proposes a plugin for WordPress users that you can download from WordPress and start generating articles for your website.

Kafkai Pricing

Kafkai’s AI Writer comes with a 3-day free trial and give access to 25 articles for free. There are four premium plans offered by Kafkai with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Writer ($29/month)- 100 articles/month (10 articles/day)

Newsroom ($49/month) – 250 articles/month (25 articles/day)

Printing Press ($129/month) – 1000 articles/month (100 articles/day)

Industrial Printer ($199/month) – 5000 articles/month (500 articles/day)

4) Article Builder (Best for SEO link building)

If you are looking for an easy to use content creating solution, Article Builder provides a tool that is pretty close to a push button type content generating machine.

Type: Article Generator 
Best for: SEO link building Cost: Paid plan (30 days trial)
Languages: English

Ease of use
Brief: Article Builder relies on a large database, of tens of thousands of categorized snippets including the titles, introductory paragraph, tips based content and concluding paragraph, which is being updated daily by native-English speaking writers from UK, Canada and US.

What Does Article Builder Offer?

Easy to use: Choose a category, subtopic keyword (optional), word count you want the article to be, and the number of articles you need. This is really simple a few clicks process to generate articles.

API: If you are a programmer, you can also tap on the power of Article Builder by using its API to build an article, inject content and generate a super spun article.

Level of uniqueness: When super spun content option is chosen, the article generated is guaranteed to be at least 75% unique which is above the search engine threshold.

Article Builder Pricing

Article Builder keeps its pricing very simple and offers only one premium plan. 

Premium plan: $127/year.

Extra features: This plan gives you access to thousand of high-quality images for free.

Refund plan: You can ask for a refund within 30-day in case Article Builder doesn’t live up to your expectation as they promised.

5) SEO Content Machine (Best for SEO articles)

If you lack the comprehensive skills of a content writer, link builder or SEO expert, SEO Content Machine is the best content generator for getting a top place in search engines.

Type: Article Generator    
Best for: SEO articles
Cost: Free trial / Paid plan 
Languages: Danish, German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Chinese

Multi-language support  
WordPress automation
Clean UI 
Great SEO integration

Brief: If you want to create content for PBNs, money blogs, and link building, then the SEO Content Machine tool could be the best SEO article generator software for you. Unlike other tools, it is downloadable software that works on MAC, PC, and Linux efficiently without emulation software.

What Does SEO Content Machine Offer?

Optimized formatting: SEO Content Machine lets you add images, videos, sub-headings, questions & answers, lists, and tweets in your generated content to make it more natural and readable.  

WordPress intergration: The article generator software gives the option to directly publish articles to the WordPress blog. Also, you can schedule the post for a specific date, and the rest of the job will be done by the SCM.

Rewriting tool: If you want to re-use your existing content, then you can rewrite it with the help of the rewriter tool as It supports all the popular rewriters such as Spin Rewriter, Chimp Rewriter, and WordAi. Moreover, if you don’t have any spinning tools, then you can also use its Soft Spin dictionary.

SEO Content Machine Pricing

Free trial: To get access to the free trial, you need to enter your email address, after that, they will send you a download link through which you can use it for free.

Flexible pricing options: The best thing about SCM pricing plans is that it provides access to all the tools, and updates in all the plans.

Monthly – $27/month
Quarterly – $57/month
Yearly – $120/month
Perpetual – $197/month

6) Copy Smith (Best AI-Based Copywriter)

If you are launching a new product or kickstarting your business on your own, Copysmith is among the best content generator to provide on-the-spot original copies for your brand.

Type: Article Generator    
Best for: Copywriting
Cost: Free trial / Paid plan 
Languages: Supports all languages, however the best quality outputs are in English

Instant copies  
Multiple formats
Content management 
Keyword tracking

Brief: Next, we have Copy Smith which is another best Ai content generator software that is developed by marketing experts, AI researchers, and award-winning copywriters. This software does not only create articles for you but also writes a description, metadata, ads, landing pages in a matter of minutes.

What Does Copy Smith Offer?

Integration options: Copy Smith serves you with bulk export to CSV so that you can export articles in a few clicks. Although, their team is also working to provide bulk import and deeper integration options. In case, if you want any specific feature requirements, you can contact them using the Feature Request page as well.

Chrome extension: This tool has offered a Chrome extension that enables you to create articles from any webpages.

Marketing features: In addition to offering article-generating features, they also allow users to create high-converting ads headlines, landing pages, Instagram ads, content ideas, etc.

Copy Smith Pricing

Free trial: Get started with the 7-day free trial to learn more about the software features and working performance.

Subscriptions: There are three paid plans which come with monthly and yearly subscriptions.

• Starter – $16/month ($192 billed annually)
• Professional – $50/month ($600 billed annually)
• Enterprise – $424/month ($5088 billed annually)

7) Zyro AI Writer (Free Online Content Generator)

This website builder offers way more than expected as it offers seven AI tools that anyone can use for free.

Type: Article Generator   
Best for: SEO
Cost: Free 
Languages: English

Free Article generator (Here)
✅ Free Blog title generator (Here)
Heatmap (Here)
Logo maker (Here)

Brief: Zyro was founded in 2019 by one of the most popular hosting provider company Hostinger. Apart from Zyro’s website builder, you can use for free the AI tools.

What Does Zyro AI Writer Offer?

Free to use amazing tools: 

AI Writer: AI Writer basically ‘reads’ a lot of text from each industry, then trains itself to write text that is similar to it. This ensures that the text that’s generated for you follows the best online copywriting and SEO practises.

Blog Title Generator: AI Blog Title Generator produces a bunch of blog titles about a certain topic. Choose which of the generated titles will resonate the most with your audience.

Heatmap: As website owner, the heat maps allow you to Immediately optimize your website or online store. It arrange the elements of your website in a way that maximizes conversions. In other words, you can see exactly where your main call to action should go – the bull’s eye of your visitors’ attention.

Logo Maker: It’ll only take a minute of your time to design a logo for your business, no designer help needed. And the best bit is that it’s free.

Image Resizer: Image Resizer resizes an image to fit your website needs. Whether this is a profile picture or a product picture, every format has an ideal size that it is best displayed at.

Business Name Generator: The generator will make business name suggestions.

Slogan Generator: enter a word (or two) that best characterize your brand and the slogans generator will produce a list of slogans that might work for your business.

Zyro AI Writer Pricing

Zyro AI Article Generator software is free. You don’t need to sign up in the software to access it.

8) Writesonic (Best AI Article Creator)

If you want to grow your customer base and make more sales without spending all your time writing Writesonic will help you automate your copywriting, drafting ad campaigns, website content, emails and more.

Type: Article Generator   
Best for: Article creation
Cost: Free trial / Paid plan 
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Greek, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Finnish and Estonian

Full blog article generation

Brief: Writesonic, formally known as MagicFlow, uses GPT-3 and its own proprietary artificial intelligence platform to create quality audience-centric website content.

What Does Writesonic Offer?

The big advantage of Writesonic is that it is able to automatically generate full blog post articles with AI. In addition, Writesonic lets you create content for your website such as:
  • Landing pages
  • Blog article ideas
  • Ads titles and body
  • Growth ideas
  • Hero copy
By analyzing your inputs, pattern-matching and AI, Writesonic crafts catchy landing pages, ads, product descriptions and more. It’s like having a professional copywriter at your disposal at a fraction of the cost. This AI text generator, through a series of diagnostic and prescriptive measures, helps businesses create engaging, audience-focused content.

Writesonic Features

  • Can create full blog articles from AI
  • It can write copy that resonates with your audience
  • It can help you generate leads in less time
  • The content is SEO optimized

Writesonic Pricing

Free Trial – $0 (10 Credits – For new users)

For the paid packages, you have three options: 

Starter – $9.99/month (For new marketers – 75 Credits)
Professional – $35.60/month (For small businesses and marketing pros – Unlimited Credits)
Business $179.60/month (For medium businesses who need copywriting at scale – Unlimited Credits)

9) WordAI (Best for blogging)

Type: Article Generator   
Best for: Blogging 
Cost: Free trial / Paid plan 
Languages: English 

One-click settings  
Human quality content
Foreign language translator 
Fast processing

Brief: WordAI is an automatic spinning tool that rewrites entire sentences and paragraphs so you can get new unique content. It supports English, Spanish, French, and Italian and is one of the most talked tools for rewriting content.

What Does WordAI Offer?

According to the official page, WordAI uses AI to tell the difference between words. It makes sure each and every synonym that it picks makes sense. WordAI understands what each word means and how each word interacts with each other. 

WordAI looks for possible ways to rewrite your website article based on what the article truly means. WordAI will often rewrite sentences, so they share nothing in common with the original sentence. It is not a tool for writing new content, but WordAI can help you spin your content into new, original work.

WordAI Features:

  • Able to rewrite content quickly.
  • It gives a touch of personalization to your content.
  • WordAI collects user-generated content.
  • This tool can write fresh and efficient titles
  • It understands that one word has more than one meaning.

WordAI Pricing

Monthly Turing Plan – $49.95 / per month 
Turing Yearly Plan – $347per year

These plans both include:
– Automatic sentence and paragraph rewriting,
– Only uses synonyms that make sense,
– Supports English, Spanish, French, and Italian,
– Automatically spun content looks human written.

10) Topic (Best SEO-Friendly Article Generator)

Topic’s AI analyzes the top results in Google, extracts key topics to cover, and provides an interactive editor to allow you to grade your work. This system gives actionable suggestions to enable writers to create content that drives results.

Type: Article Generator   
Best for: SEO
Cost: Free trial / Paid plan 
Languages: English

Free Keyword research tool (here
✅ Top Ranking Articles tool (here)

Brief: Topic is an article generator tool that uses AI to analyze real-time search data to deliver helpful recommendations. You can use Topic to discover what your audience wants to read for better content and more traffic.

What Does Topic Offer?

Topic promises to create content that’s better than what’s posted on the internet. It might be the AI tool you need to increase traffic to your website today.

Topic Features:

  • Creates recommend headings and topics for your article based on Google’s top 30 search results.
  • The Outline Builder lets you build a comprehensive article outline before it starts writing.
  • The Content Grader ranks your content for Google-ready it is.
  • Uses AI to reduce the amount of research time you need to write a new article.

Topic Pricing

Starter – $ 99 / month (For individuals or small startups. Create and optimize up to 10 articles a month). 

Plus – $ 199 / month (For in-house content teams and agencies. Create and optimize 25 articles a month).

Premium – $ 299 / month (For agencies producing content at scale. Create and optimize 50 articles a month).

Your special offer Promo Code: BZamWORs

11) Linguix (Best AI Writing Assistant)

Type: Article Generator    
Best for: Writing assistance
Cost: Free trial / Paid plan 
Languages: English

✅ Efficent writing assitance

Brief: Linguix is a smart, AI-powered writing assistant that does more than check for grammatical errors. It is a sophisticated writing tool designed to elevate the user’s writing standards and enhance overall writing in all aspects.

What Does Linguix Offer?

Linguix uses artificial intelligence to notify users of grammatical mistakes in their writing. It provides multiple options for correction using more than 2,000 rules on context. 

Aside from grammar checking, Linguix supplies alternative words, phrases, as well as spelling corrections. It eliminates instances of poor phrase, sentence structures, and typos. It completes all of the work that a manual writing assistant would perform.

Linguix’s AI tracks and learns the tendencies of its users and provides contextual recommendations. This helps writers to realize the problems in their writing and enable them to become a better writer and avoid more inaccuracies.

Linguix Features:

  • This AI writer comes with a typos database of over 9 million words.
  • It recommends words as you type.
  • It has ready-made templates for easy writing.
  • It is equipped with a performance analysis dashboard.

Linguix Pricing

For the paid packages, you have three options: 

Personal – $8/month (Create documents, write faster, and check grammar on millions of websites)
Business – $10/month (Style guides, team management, advanced checks & writing insights)
Enterprise – Price on demand (For teams that require advanced integrations, flexible deployment options, and dedicated support)

12) AI-Writer (Best for automated web content)

If you want to make your website shine using quality content and lack the resources to do so, this web-based platform is the best AI writing software for up-and-coming digital marketers

Type: Article Generator    
Best for: Automated web content
Cost: Paid plan 
Languages: English

Easy to use  
Quick turnaround
Offers blogging API 
Cheap and accessible

Brief: AI-Writer is another article generator that creates your text based on a focus keyword only. It has features for writing articles from scratch or re-writing your content too. Once it shows you your text, AI-Writer helps you edit content efficiently by eliminating all distractions found in other word processing applications.

What Does AI-Writer Offer?

AI-Writer acknowledges that it won’t be as good as you at writing relevant content. However, the AI text generator allows you to save around 1/3 of your time by framing out good text and a solid outline. This can allow you to spend more time on SEO and website optimization. This article spinner is available for Android, iPad and iPhone, macOS, and Windows. For short-form writers in search of minimalism, AI-Writer may be the best writing app available. Long-form writers working on screenplays or books may find its toolset light. AI-Writer Feature:
  • Amazing AI research skills.
  • Can export to Medium and WordPress
  • AI-Writer comes with built-in buttons for adding bold and italics
  • Syncs using iCloud and Dropbox
  • It can tell you how long it can take to read through your content.

AI-Writer Pricing

AI Writer is among the cheapest automatic options on the market. It isn’t a free website content generator and there’s no trial period. You can still test its ability by getting one article written for free. However, you’ll need to create an account for that. 

As for the paid packages, you have three options:

  • Basic – $19/month (1 user + 40 pieces of content)
  • Standard – $49/year  (1 user + 120 pieces of content)
  • Custom – Contact Sales (multiple users and content pieces)

Whichever plan you choose, you still get all the automatic writing, rewriting, and blogging features. After a few test runs, the results are good enough to make up a legit site. But I’d probably recommend it for writing informative posts, as it uses general information and follows a standard structure.

13) Genei (Best for keywords analysis)

If you are a student, Small and Medium companies, Genei will help you to summarize entire documents from PDF, web.x, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word and provide you with an extract of keywords.

Type: AI Article research tool
Best for: Keywords analysis
Cost: Free trial (14 days)/ Paid plan 
Languages: English

✅ Keywords search
Anaysis tool

Brief: AI-Writer Features Amazing AI research skills. Can export to Medium and WordPress AI-Writer comes with built-in buttons for adding bold and italics Syncs using iCloud and Dropbox. It can tell you how long it can take to read through your content.

What Does Genei Offer?

Genei can summarize any web-page with natural language processing models. The advanced semantic search function identifies important sentences across multiple resources. Genei Features:
  • Genei can help you find key information in text faster
  • Uses AI to analyze research
  • Can process more than 2000 words in a second.
  • 70% faster reading time than a human.
  • Search keywords and related points across entire reading lists.

Genei Pricing

For the paid packages, you have four options: 

Basic – £4.99/month
Plus – £9.99/month
Premium – £14.99/month
Magic lantern – £14.99/month

14) Atomic Reach (Best for content rewriting)

If you are a blogger who wishes to rewrite your content to get closer to your audience, Atomic Reach is an artificial intelligence editor that refines and optimizes your content, saves you time and accelerates your results.

Type: Article rewriter
Best for: Content rewriting
Cost: Free trial / Paid plan 
Languages: English

Content optimization

Brief: Atomic Reach is a content conversion platform which helps businesses to turn their content into sales. It achieves this through content scorecarding, conversion optimization, and business intelligence.

What Does Atomic Reach Offer?

The Atomic Reach content optimization platform has a suite of tools that measure and analyze the users’ content and provides feedback.

Whether the feedback is diagnostic or prescriptive, Atomic Reach does not influence that creative process. Rather, it uses AI to bring some science to creating engaging content. The platform is both a CMS plugin and a data analytics dashboard.

Atomic Reach is not a full SEO platform. However, it uses AI to optimize content for real people in order to increase your ROI.

Atomic Reach Features:

  • Atomic Reach helps bloggers with content optimization
  • Creates content that your audience can engage with
  • Gives summary report of article performance
  • Helps with text editing

Atomic Reach Pricing

Atomic Reach offers plans for marketers and agencies to assist with creating high quality content to promote their website. 

Free – $0 (Make your content clear, concise and error-free, sentence and word choice optimization, title improvements, grammar and spelling error correction and Summary creation).

Starter – $79/mo (All the functionality of Atomic AI, plus access to Atomic Topics, to see what engages your audience, what to write about next and what’s trending).

Pro – $129/mo (All the functionality of Starter, plus Atomic Engagement and Atomic Insights to see how your words and phrases impact your audience and track your results with ease).

Premium – $499/mo (All the functionality of Starter, plus access to Atomic Profiles to create custom audience segments).

Managed – $1500/mo (An integrated platform that improves your content performance at a scale and access to Atomic Professional Services).

15) Fluently (Best AI Text Editor)

If you have to write content in a foreign language and are tired of Google Translate’s inacuracy and always removing your formatting, Fluently is an amazing tool for proofreading your essays and multilingual marketing content.

Type: Article Generator    
Best for: Text edition
Cost: Free trial / Paid plan 
Languages: 70+

Integrated solution for edition and translation

Brief: Fluently is an online text editor with a multilingual translator, dictionary, and thesaurus built-in — all text editing and translating features in one simple tool. It uses AI to create a document in a foreign language while writing in your mother tongue.

What Does Fluently Offer?

Fluently was designed in a minimalistic way to help you focus on what matters: your content. You can paste or type your content with the powerful, rich text editor with multiple styling options. And when you translate your content it will appear in the same formatting. Translating your blog posts into other languages is an SEO trend right now. You can increase your visitors by doing this and Fluently is a good tool to get you started. Fluently Features:
  • The content from Fluently is SEO compliant.
  • Fluently supports multiple languages.
  • It gives a touch of personalization to your content.
  • It comes with an in-built text editor

Fluently Pricing

Yearly – €72 (€6/month) Quarterly – €27 (€9/month) Monthly – €12 (€12/month)


Mat is the founder of cashtipsandtricks and has been working in the financial sector in Luxembourg for the past 10 years and brings his insights as an investor and entrepreneur.

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