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Artist Tips | How To Sell Your Design Printed On Metal Posters With DISPLATE

Displate turns your unique designs into high quality prints on metal.

Whether you are a beginning artist or a pro designer you can get a chance to start making money from your passion.

Here are the 3 options you have to make money selling your artworks with Displate

1. Upload your designs and let Displate promote your art.

2. Print your own artworks for 50% less.

3. Share links to your art and earn a commission for each sale.

1. Factsheet

Company type For profit
HQ location Warsaw, Poland
Founded date 2013
Status Active
Website Displate


Displate was founded in 2013 by Karol Banaszkiewicz, Edward Ruszczyc and Jacek Świgost, who decided to offer unique metal posters that had a fresh design from independent artists and also a simple attachment to the wall using sticking magnets.

The origin story is a classic tale of three friends going global.

Displate has already sold almost 2 million posters decorating 690K+ households around the globe.

Following clients’ interests they have introduced the licensed artworks from the fans’ favourite brands like Star Wars, DC Comics, Valiant, The Witcher, Cyberpunk 2077, Marvel, NASA and many more.

Displate commits to planting a tree for every poster sold. Given that their process actually destroys no trees they’ve got a net-net positive going on.

Business model

Displate offers a great product in a niche market.

With several themes, including video games, vintage designs they also feature heroes from the DC Comics universe.

Displate customs-prints your photograph or artwork, onto large metal plates.

These come in various sizes, and they are easy to hang because you can simply stick magnetic tape to your wall.

Cash Tips & Tricks - DISPLATE | Business Model

Top competitors

Products offered by displate remain unique and their specialization in the production of metal posters really sets them apart from the market.

However, a number of competitors already exist in the print-on-demand market.

2. How to make cash

How does Displate make cash

Displate mainly derives its revenue from transactions made on its platform.

The united States is the largest market, but Displate sells posters in circa 50 countries.

Cash Tips & Tricks - How to make cash with Displate

How do YOU make cash

There are 3 options to make money selling your artworks with Displate

1. Upload your designs and let Displate promote your art to their 50ml visitors/months.

2. Print your own artworks for 50% less and gift them to your friends or sell them offline.

3. Share links to your art and earn a commission for each sale.

Market on Displate: The first and most obvious method is to upload your own art for free, and then sell it through the website. Whenever a piece of your artwork is sold, you earn a commission on it. This is called ‘earning as an artist.’

The pricing is set by a toggle, and you do have some freedom to set your prices and commissions. There’s no limit to how much you upload to the site, so it’s definitely possible to offer a range of styles, sizes, and price points.

Print your on artworks for 50% less: Whenever you print out your own artworks you benefit from a big cut. If you need your artworks for your fans or maybe for an exhibition or for fairs, all you need to do is to choose your most amazing designs you want to order, and add them to your basket. Then you just make an order like any other.

Share links to your art: In addition to putting your artwork up for sale on the site, you can also share it via affiliate links on your social media sites and website. If you do that, and end up getting sales this way, you actually earn a much higher percentage of the sale.

For example, you make a pretty small commission on your art if you just sell art to someone through the store. But if you direct people to your art through your own link, or use your own discount code to give people a better price, then you actually stand to make about three times as much.

Also, the affiliate program is available to anyone.

It means that you can earn what they call “influencer’s commissions” on the net price of any art sold through your links.

This is almost as good as being an artist. Of course, this all comes down to your marketing skills. But if you are good at social media, or have an art blog, you have the potential to make some pretty decent money on Displate even if you don’t actually make art.

3. Admission process

It is actually really easy to make a profile on Displate.

It only takes about five minutes to set up.

Uploading artwork is a little bit different as Displate has quite a few different guidelines, and you must provide artwork of a certain level of quality to be able to even upload it.

But while this is a little bit challenging, it is actually a good thing to keep the standard for quality high and keep you from accidentally uploading a thumbnail image or something of the sort.

This higher barrier to entry means that there’s less competition.

4. Expected income

You may not get rich using Displate. But some of the highest grossing artists do earn incredible amounts of money on it.

Market on Displate: The artist’s commission (before tax) for selling an artwork from a regular collection is: USD 4 (four) for M size artwork, USD 8 (eight) for L size artwork and USD 13 (thirteen) for XL.

The prices are fixed for each size of Displate: M size: USD44 (fourty four), L size: USD89 (eighty nine), XL size: USD149 (one hundred fourty nine).

To make in short, for a M size original poster you will receive 9% minus fees of the sale price.

It means that $40 of $44 is for Displate and only $4 (before taxes) is for you. However, this includes all the printing, shipping and promotion related to your artwork.

Cash Tips & Tricks - DISPLATE | Artist's commissions details

Note: These prices and commission rates may vary over time, also depending on the currency you use, the fees applied or whether a discount is used.

They are displayed here only for the purpose of getting an understanding of the commission model.

Print your on artworks for 50% less: If you print your own artworks feature and purchase your own designs printed on metal you can purchase it for up to 50% less. The final price is fixed for every artist and design and changes only with the size of a Displate. Note that the final price is base and reduced by your commission.

Share links to your art: If you sell artworks as an artist with the “Share and Earn” program you may earn 41% commission of net price of your artwork that has been sold within 30 days along with the artist’s commission.

If you sell artworks from other artists you can receive an influencer’s commission which up is to 25% commission of net price of an artwork.

Displate uses special cookies for to help them determine the source of traffic and purchase on their site. Thanks to this they know who is responsible for the sales.

5. Feedback

Displate definitely market themselves on being ‘hip’ and ‘trendy’, something you can see in their highly stylized adverts.

But this Marketplace is booming with millions of customers who specifically want to buy original works of art from independent artists like you.

If you’re passionate about growing your career as an artist or you simply want to create a passive income stream for yourself or your family, selling your art on Displate is a very smart idea. 

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