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14 Most Expensive NFT Artworks

Non-fungible tokens have become prestigious in the digital era and some are even sold for millions. What are the most popular NFTs? Here are the highest-selling NFT artworks so far.

Like museum collectibles or exclusive paintings and artworks, NFT’s are exclusive and highly-priced depending on their critical acclaim and popularity. Being digital assets, these are neither destructible nor can be recreated. Moreover, there are encryption codes involved in trading one NFT for another or owning an NFT collectively. Thus, it holds the value of authenticity. 

The following are the highest-selling NFT artworks so far.

1“Everydays: The First 5,000 Days” by BeepleUSD 69 million
2CryptoPunks #7804 and #3100USD 7.6 million each
3Kevin McCoy – QuantumUSD 7 million
4CROSSROAD by BeepleUSD 6.66 million
5First Tweet by Jack DorseyUSD 2.5 million or more
6CryptoPunk #6965USD 1.54 million
7Auction Winner Picks Name by SSX3LAUUSD 1.33 million
8CryptoPunk #2140USD 1.18 million
9Pak – FiniteUSD 1.09 million
10Not Forgotten, But Gone by WhIsBeUSD 1 million
11Hairy by Steve AokiUSD 888,888
13HashmasksUSD 650,000
14Nyan Cat by ChrisUSD 590,000


1. “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days” by Beeple

Market place: Christie’s
Sold: USD 69 million

Image: Christie’s

In May 2007, the digital artist known as Beeple set out to create and post a new work of art online every day. He hasn’t missed a day since, creating a new digital picture every day for 5,000 days straight. Individually known as EVERYDAYS, collectively, the pieces form the core of EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS, one of the most unique bodies of work to emerge in the history of digital art. 

In EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS, the artist has stitched together recurring themes and color schemes to create an aesthetic whole. Organized in loose chronological order, zooming in on individual pieces reveals abstract, fantastical, grotesque, and absurd pictures, alongside current events and deeply personal moments. Society’s obsession with and fear of technology; the desire for and resentment of wealth; and America’s recent political turbulence appear frequently throughout the work.

2. CryptoPunks #7804 and #3100 at Larva Labs

Market Place: Larva Labs
Sold: USD 7.6 million each
Image: Larva Lab

Image: Twitter

In 2017, Matt Hall and John Watkinson, founders of New York-based software company Larva Labs, created a software program that would generate thousands of different, strange-looking characters.   

At first, they thought they might have had the makings of a smartphone app or game. What they ended up with was a paradigm-altering model for the digital art market and a challenge to the concept of ‘ownership’ itself.

The CryptoPunks are a collection of 24×24, 8-bit-style pixel art images of misfits and eccentrics. There are exactly 10,000 of them, each with their own ostensible personality and unique combination of distinctive, randomly generated features.

On 11 March 2021, CryptoPunk 7804 was sold for the equivalent of $7.5 million — the highest amount ever paid for a Punk at the time. The record was beaten the next day.

3. Kevin McCoy – Quantum

Market place: Sotheby’s
Sold: $7 million

Image: Sotheby’s

McCoy created Quantum on May 3, 2014, as part of a presentation at Rhizome’s Seven on Seven Conference. He and his collaborator Anil Dash were the first to conceive of putting unique digital works of art on the blockchain. At the time, they called the concept monetized graphics, or monegraphs. 

Quantum is a generative piece, which means it automatically permeates into new forms that aren’t determined at the outset, and it is made entirely with code. “Visually, it suggests a new world coming into existence which I also really like,” McCoy added.

4. CROSSROAD by Beeple

Market Place: Nifty Gateway
Sold: USD 6.66 million

Image: Twitter

5. First Tweet by Jack Dorsey

Market Place: Valuables
Sold: USD 6.66 million

Image: Twitter 

The tweet, posted by the founder of twitter Jack Dorsey, was published 15 years ago on March 21, 2006, and simply said: “just setting up my twttr”. 

It has now been sold for charity and was bought by Malaysian-businessman Sina Estavi, who compared the purchase to buying the famous Mona Lisa painting.

Although the tweet is not as nice to look at, it is seen as valuable because of its cultural and historical significance.

6. CryptoPunk #6965

Market Place: Larva Labs
Sold: USD 1.54 million

Image: Twitter

7. Auction Winner Picks Name by SSX3LAU

Market Place: Nifty Gateway
Sold: USD 1.33 million
Image: Twitter

8. CryptoPunk #2140

Market Place: Larva Labs
Sold: USD 1.18 million
Image: Larva Labs

9. Pak – Finite

Market Place: Foundation
Sold: $1,097,403
Image: Foundation

10. Not Forgotten, But Gone by WhIsBe

Market Place: Nifty Gateway
Sold: USD 1 million

Image: Twitter 
This 16-second clip of a spinning gold skeleton gummy bear sold for $1 million on Nifty Gateway. Artist WhIsBe sells several different gummy bear-based NFTs on the platform as well.

11. Hairy by Steve Aoki

Market Place: Nifty Gateway
Sold: USD 888,888

Image: Twitter


Market Place: Nifty Gateway
Sold: USD 777,777

Image: Twitter

13. Hashmasks

Market Place: Hashmasks
Sold: $650.000

Image: Twitter 

Announced on January 27, The Hashmasks managed to grab the attention of the specialized media. In large part, because of the publicity that some buyers made of the high prices paid on their own social networks. As the Twitter @seedphrase user, he announced the purchase of an NTF of The Hashmsks for 420 ETH, about $650,000 USD at the time of purchase. 

Behind the Hashmasks project is Suum Cuique Labs, a company based in the Swiss town of Zug, founded in 2020. The two people linked to the company are Hansen Wang, who appears as partner and manager, and Gautham Nekkanti, partner.

14. Nyan Cat by Chris

Market Place: Foundation
Sold: USD 590,000

Image: Twitter
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