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The Ultimate List of Online Auction Sites Around The World (2021)

Have you ever wondered which online auction is best? Are online auctions worth it? What items sell best at auction?    To make your task easier, we have listed the most popular online auction platforms available on the market that will definitely help you to answer your questions.

The most popular online auction platforms

Here are the most popular online auction platforms around the world available on the market.

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wdt_ID Count Logo Name Based Auction categories Description Website
1 1,00 Charity Auctions Today USA Auction software Charity Auctions Today was developed and created by Tom Kelly in 2007. Charity Auctions Today is one of the most reliable online charity auction platforms. Website
2 1,00 eBay USA Wide array eBay is undoubtedly the largest auction site on the internet and prides itself as the biggest online shopping mall with over 100 million registered users. Website
3 1,00 eBid UK Wide array eBid is the 2ND Largest UK Auction Site and has a very large database of users and visitors. Website
4 1,00 WebStore USA Wide array Web Store, founded in 1996, is one of the oldest auction sites on the internet. It is a free online auction site Website
5 1,00 AuctionMaxx Canada Wide array Founded in 2012 in Ontario, Toronto, Canada, AuctionMaxx gives a complete 14 day money back warranty on most goods which makes them one of the most trusted and reputable auction sites on the internet. Website
6 1,00 Atomic Mall USA Wide array Launched in 2008, Atomic Mall has proven itself as one of the best online auction sites. Website
7 1,00 iOffer USA Wide array iOffer is considered by many as the third largest online auction site with over a million reputable members. They have a very large collection of listings with an extremely easy-to-understand interface. Website
9 1,00 Live Auctioneers USA Wide array Live Auctioneers is an internationally recognized online auction website that was launched in 2002 and is based in New York City. Website
10 1,00 QuiBids USA Wide array QuiBids was started in 2009 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and since then it has become a corner-stone online auction site. Website
11 1,00 DealDash USA Wide array Online auction DealDash is one of the most trusted pay-to-play auction provider on the Internet.  Website
The ultimate list of online auction sites around the world


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