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Side Income Tips | How to Find the Side Hustle That Works For You In 2021

You know we’re having a tough period, right?

Like me, you are 28-40 years of age, work (or have worked) full time and maybe have children.

You want to earn some income on the side to help with the household expenses.

Lately you have been reading up on freelancing, online surveys, real estate investing, and so on.

You rely on Facebook and YouTube to keep up with the latest news during your lunch hour and try to learn as much as possible from the Gurus online.

But you don’t know where to start and fear that you are not an expert on anything in particular.

In short, you don’t know if any of this is right for you.

No shame, I’ve felt the same for many years until I understood what all this is about.

Find Out What Side Hustles Are Out There

I don’t know about you but I quickly gave up when I started reading online the “100 side hustles you can do” lists or the “Top 25 best online jobs that will make you rich”.

All this sounded like everyone knew everything about it and that you just had to go picking cherries.

After 6 months researching and screening the blogosphere, I wanted to share my humble understanding of what is out there for those who want to make some extra cash.

Everyone Has Something To Offer

Let’s put it that way.

Everyone has something to offer – Yes.

It can be either some Time, Skills, or even Stuff (read: Goods).

These are your Assets.

Assuming that you have at least one of those, you now need to find the right way to put your asset(s) to work.

It’s a bit like finding the best place in the market for your products to sell the best.

But at first, let’s see what can be sold online.

1) What Could Be More Precious Than Your Time

Sitting on a chair for hours and counting sparrows won’t get you much.

We agree.

Rather, we’re talking about the way that your Time may be of value to someone else.

Delivering packages or food to someone who needs it.

Performing simple tasks for opinion research companies or marketing agencies.

Taking care of a pet while its owner his/her away or giving a lift to someone for a pecuniary benefit.

This is what selling your time is all about and what can get you that extra you are looking for.

Read more about Selling your Time:

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2) Even The Dumbest Smart Fellow Has Skills In His/Her Hat

Everyone has at least one (skill), and in many cases more than one.

A skill is an ability, coming from your knowledge, practice or aptitude to do an activity or a job well.

You may already be doing (or have done) an activity that calls on your skills as part of a full-time job and would like an extra without the pressure of having to be hired by a(nother) boss.

You are looking for that flexibility that will allow you to adapt according to your priorities.

Selling your skills online might be the option for you.

Read more about Selling your Skills:

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3) No Need To Be Xennial To Have Stuff In The Garage

From the Baby boomers (1946-1964) to the Gen Alphas (2013 – today) without leaving the Xennials (1975 – Me – 1985) aside, we have all experienced this “social and economic order that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts” (read: Consumerism).

So we all have plenty of stuff that we cherished then abandoned and which now languish in the garage – or anywhere else.

These have become more liabilities than assets.

Putting your assets to work is easy.

Make a list of goods that you have and don’t want anymore and get rid of them via the numerous available platforms such as amazon, Ebay or Tradesy.

Should the goods look more like a car, a house/apartment or even a parking place, so think of them as assets to be leased.

Read more about Selling / Renting your Stuff:

– xxx

4) The “Extra” For The Motivated Ones

For those who want to invest their time and skills into something for which (at some point) the financial rewards do not necessarily depend on the time you spend on it – Consider starting a blog or an online business.

The big thing with the latter is that it is scalable (read: your business or system once started and running properly is able to grow or to be made larger).

Read more about Blogging and Online Business:

– xxx

Find Your Market Place

Finding the right market place to start seems like opening the Pandora box – Only hope is left to comfort you at the end.

But thankfully this is main purpose of cashtipsandtricks and I commit to provide (only) the best of what I find out there.

Now It’s Time to Put These Tips Into Practice

Most who read this post will probably nod their head in agreement, and implement precisely zero of these tips.

But not you.

You know knowledge that’s not put into practice is wasted. Assets that are not put into use are pure loss.

That’s why you’ve already picked out a few favorites, and it’s why you can’t wait to start.

Then it’s time to get to work.

Let’s do it.

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